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Top Tips for the Maximum Effect with your Medium Hairstyle

Why most people prefer a Medium Hairstyle or medium length hair is because it allows them to enjoy the best of long as well as ultra short hair. Either they could be growing their shorter hair-lengths or they could be wanting to change the old look and hence they opt for a shorter cut from their previously longer hair. Why just opt to change the hair color when you can as well go for a complete make-over by opting for a Medium Hairstyle ? With so many options in medium length hair cuts and styles, you can choose one which best compliments your facial features and lifestyle and then be careful about maintaining it. Tip 1) If you are going for a bob with layers where you hair cut ends just near the middle of the neck and you sport thin to wavy hair, you need a trim every six weeks. Do not neglect it, or you hair will end up looking puffy. Maximum Effect with your Medium Hairstyle Tip 2) If you sport layers which have been razor cut near the edges, you must ensure that you use a straightening serum to weigh it down to impart a neater look. Tip 3) Paneling is also another way to give thin hair a natural bouncy look. It is a layer cut but with a twist. The trick to make the most of this haircut is to not shampoo it very regularly, as the more unkempt look sets this hairstyle apart from the rest. Tip 4) To give a messy appearance to your medium hair bob or layers, you can use a curler or add some natural waves to the hairstyle. Tip 5) To avoid a frizzy look, avoid using the razor cut or use the razor as less as possible while giving texture to medium length layers. Tip 6) If you have opted for a shag, you can try the broken up layers, as they would look good even as they are growing longer. But, again a trim is necessary in eight weeks’ time. Tip 7) Conditioning is very important for your hair. More so, if you have opted for a frizzy or shaggy look, you must ensure that your hair gets its required dose of conditioning. You can opt for regular hair spas or even leave-in conditioners after every shampoo. You can even use an aroma oil massage to give your hair an oriental treatment. Medium Hairstyle 2018 Gallery