The Best Hairdryers for Mid Length Hair

The best hairdryers for mid length hair are important for trendy, stylish, cool, beautiful and for healthy hairs. Hairdryers known as blow dryers and are one of the most popular hair styling tools. These electromechanical devices are engineered to blow hot or cool air over wet and damp hair to quicken the process of drying it. The mechanism of hair dryers fastens the process of water evaporation and dries the hair.

The best hairdryers for mid length hair allow for controlling and shaping various styles with ease and quicken the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each hair strand. These hydrogen bonds are extremely powerful and allow for stronger hair molding than sulfur bonds that are formed by permanent waving products. However, these bonds are quite fragile and vulnerable to humidity. They tend to vanish after a single wash. Most hairstyles that require hair dryers usually comprise of volume and bounce. They are further enhanced by the use of various styling products and hair brushes while drying to add lift, sheen and bounce.

Hairdryers were first manufactured around the ends of the 19 th century and the first model was designed and developed by Alexandre F Godefoy in his salon in France. Most hairdryers use wire coils with a high electricity receptivity and heat rapidly when electric current is applied. A fan blows air past the hot coils resulting in hot air that speeds up the process of drying wet or damp tresses. The heating element in hairdryers is usually bare, coiled nichrome wire that is wound around the insulating mica heating boards. A number of dryers also have a ‘cool’ button which turns off the heat and blows air at room temperature.

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It is however, advisable to avoid continuous use of hair dryers as it causes split ends. However, occasionally you may add volume and curl or a spiky effect to your tresses by blow drying them.

Invest in a quiet, light weight easy to handle hair dryer. It should come with the following features:

  • Three to four heat and speed settings.
  • Cool shot.
  • Diffuser for curls and body.
  • A wide nozzle.

Always use the hair dryer at a distance of 25 centimeters away from the scalp and remember not to hold the dryer on the same spot for more then ten seconds.

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