Simple Rules for Medium Hair in Winter

Simple rules for medium hair in winter are important to have stylish, trendy, and healthy hair in winter. Hair Care during winter plays a significant role in maintaining shiny, sparkling tresses. Partygoers must follow a few steps in order to keep their hair looking great all through the season.

  • Never step out with wet or damp hair as the cold might cause the hair to freeze and break it.
  • Condition your hair after a wash. This helps retain the moisture and oil balance of the hair shaft.
  • Avoid using blow dryers, hot curlers, straightness, crimpers etc. too often. These devices rob the hair of its moisture causing to become dry and frizzy.
  • Avoid coloring or bleaching your mane in the winters. This too, steals the hair of its natural moisture, causing it to look brittle and lifeless.

  • Apply a leave-in hair moisturizer prior to applying any form of heat to the hair.
  • Never wash your hair with very hot water as this damage the strands. Use lukewarm water while shampooing.
  • Avoid taking long baths in winters. Use a shower for a quickie in the chilling months.
  • Using a cool or cold protein base rinse for washing your hair helps retain moisture.
  • Avoid washing your hair on a daily basis.

Diet plays an important role in nourishing the hair. A high protein diet along with essential fatty acids and all the essential Vitamins and minerals is great for your hair. You must include chicken, fish, eggs, milk, broccoli, tofu, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and cottage cheese in your diet. Avoid digging into too many candies, cakes, chocolates and, high-fat foods during the winters.

With appropriate simple rules for medium hair in winter, you can successfully maintain gorgeous looking tresses. Hair is a vital beauty asset and accounts for almost sixty percent of your personality. It is essential for you to maintain its health in order to look and feel great.

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