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Semi-Permanent Hair Colors for Medium Hairstyles

Semi-permanent hair colors for medium hairstyles is one of the most searched things by women on the internet. Hair color can instantly transform your looks.

Semi-permanent hair colors for medium hairstyles is one of the most searched things by women on the internet. Hair color can instantly transform your looks. If you are looking to make a bold statement and stand out from the rest, you can always go in for coloring your tresses. Your hair color speaks volumes about your personality and can make you sizzle and shine like a star. It enables others to understand you better and project an ulterior image of your personality. There are various types of colors available these days such as permanent colors, semi-permanent colors and temporary colors. It is advisable for you to consult a professional hair expert prior to coloring your hair in order to select the right tone and shade. The wrong shade can wreak havoc on your looks and personality, whereas the right color can instantly enhance your looks. Semi-permanent colors are an ideal choice for those wishing to get a new look. This type of hair coloring is also known as glazing, color stains or washing. These colors tend to add luster and enhance the texture of your tresses by working with a non-peroxide colorant that tends to wash out within 4 to 6 weeks. One of the characteristic features of this type of color is that it only darkens the hair and id great for covering any gray hair temporarily. If used correctly, they can combat frizzy, brittle hair and make the hair look healthier. How Semi-Permanent Hair Colors for Medium Hairstyles Works This type of hair color is specifically designed to deposit color on to the hair shaft without making it lighter. The formula of semi-permanent color has small molecules that penetrate into the hair shaft. It does not make use of any peroxide and can be used with heat for deeper penetration. These colors are ideal for use on damaged and brittle hair and are void of any harsh chemicals such as ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. These colors are available in various forms such as gels, liquids, mousse, and creams. They are easily available at all drugstores and salons. The color tends to fade away with each shampoo but these colors are great for all those unwilling to go in for a permanent hair color. Semi-permanent colors deepen the color tones without changing the natural hair color. Benefits of using Semi-Permanent Hair Colors for Medium Hairstyles These colors are easy to use and are ideal for those wishing to color their tresses all by themselves. Unlike temporary color, it does not rub off or stain the pillows and clothes. The natural hair color returns after 4 to 6 weeks. It enhances the look of your tresses by making them appear more glossy and healthy. It is great for taming dry, frizzy and chemically treated hair. It gives a great coverage to grey hair. Taking care of your colored looks: Since semi-permanent color tends to fade easily, it is essential for you to take care of maintaining its life and luster. Immediately after the application of semi-permanent color, was it with one part white vinegar mixed with warm water. This extends the life of the color by raising the pH level of the cosmetic. To prevent the color from fading, wear your hair in a ponytail whenever you are likely to go out. Wear a cap or scarf before stepping out in the sun to avoid it from fading. Make sure that you have the product available at home in order to do the touch-ups every week. Pay close attention to the roots as the color tends to fade from there first. Avoid using harsh shampoos and chemicals on your hair once you have colored it. This tends to wash the color quickly making it fade. The right color techniques can actually enhance your looks and make you appear stylish and trendy. Playing with color to tame your locks gives your look a whole new appeal and adds zing to your personality. Semi-Permanent Hair Colors for Medium Hairstyles Gallery