Popular Medium Hair Styles for Women

There are many popular medium hair styles for women. We chose the most popular ones of them. Here are the popular medium hair styles for women who would like to seem beautiful, stylish and cool.

BobCut Hair Style: This is one of the most popular hairstyles for the summer season. It tends to suit everyone and is popular among all age groups. In this hairstyle the hair is snipped off from somewhere between the chin to the shoulder. Smoky eyes look great with this cut. It is also easy to manage with regular trims and enhances one’s features.

Sleek Medium Cut Hair Style: This cut is a classic and is featured with the tresses falling down against the face to the shoulder and the fringe on the forehead brings out the facial features rather beautifully. This cut is suitable for all types of face shapes and has an extremely feminine appeal.

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Blunt Cut Hair Style: The blunt cut comes up to ones shoulder and includes choppy layers that make the hair very easy to maintain and handle.  

Wavy Mischief Hair Style: This hairstyle is great for those looking to experiment with their tresses. It is characterized by medium cut shoulder length hair that is then cast into soft waves by using rollers or a crimping iron. You can also part your hair to enhance your features in this hairstyle.

 Flip-up Hair Style: This is a fine example of flirtatious tresses. You can sport this hairstyle on all occasions and it is likely to suit all face shapes. It also gives a touch or mystery and grace with an added effect of blonde highlights. The cut is shaped into straight and smooth lines around the face while the back flips up in various angles. This style is easy to create with fine hair. To flip up the tresses, you need to use a styling get, smoothing lotion and gloss. You can also part your tresses sideways or in the middle.

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