Popular Hair Highlights for Black Medium Hairstyle

A shiny black mane of hair is any woman’s delight. Not only does it look natural, dark hair can go with any complexion and hairstyle also. It also looks more charismatic and full of depth. If you want to create a daring effect, you can opt to streak your dark hair in exotic and innovative hues. With black hair, you can either opt to go three shades darker or even three shades lighter.

1) Red highlights with a subtle blonde undertone are great for black hair. They are brighter than just a natural red highlight and if you choose a red with black undertone on black hair, it will appear warmer and darker than cherry highlights.

 2) The safest hue as a choice for highlighting black hair is brown. Brown based highlights are found with reddish and blonde undertones. You can even use three shades darker or lighter trends. It will only add more gradation to your black hair and make it appear more expressive.

3) Strawberry and cherry based colors look good but do avoid the red undertones. This will only mess up the appearance and your hair will actually look more like purple as an after effect.

4) If you are young and can afford to experiment, try deep red highlights in your medium black hairstyle. You can also blend in some light pink highlights alongside to create a naughtier look. For a dramatic look, you can even try blending icy blue and pink undertones. Purple highlights are also an option for those who are willing to dare. Best bet is to create a punk effect and blend two shades of highlights together- being plum and purple!

5) Black hair can also create a striking effect by using platinum and ash blonde shades. Plum as well as magenta can also be blended. But metallic colors have a better glean and you can also look chic.

Asian hair tones should be more careful when it comes to highlights and streaks. This is so because most Asians possess a warmer skin tone and also eye colors which are darker than in the west. So, while choosing a hair color, do visit a color expert for advice.

Popular Black Medium Hairstyle Gallery

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