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Permanent Hair Color for Medium Hairstyles

The best permanent hair colors for summer

Permanent hair color for medium hairstyles differs for all type of hairs. The color of your hair can transform your features and add features to your overall personality. The cosmetics industry is brimming with a wide range of hair colors to suit every taste and type on this planet. Your hair color helps others associate with you and speak volumes about your personality. The best way to go in for an instant make-over is by changing the way your locks look. You can opt for permanent hair color, semi-permanent or temporary hair color to spice up your tresses. The first safe commercial hair color originated in 1909 by the French chemist Eugene Schuller and contained a chemical known as paraphenylenediamine. Today, there are thousands of hair colors available to color your mane and help you achieve the desired look. For thousands of years, plants and minerals were used to color hair. Some of these natural agents even contained pigments extracted from henna, walnut shells, coffee beans, etc. Permanent Hair Color This type of color lifts the cuticle and penetrates into the hair shaft making it lighter in shade. In order for the color to penetrate into the cuticle, it must be opened before permanent color is deposited into the hair shaft. The color goes through a series of reactions with the interior portion of the hair and lightens it. Most permanent hair colors first remove the original hair color and then deposit a new color on to the shaft. This process is similar to lightening but a colorant is bonded with the help of the process of alkalization. Is responsible for opening the cuticle and allows the hair color to penetrate the cortex. It also acts as a catalyzing agent when the permanent hair color combines with the peroxide which is used in the form of a developer. The hydrogen peroxide is known to break the chemical bonds in the hair shaft and releases sulfur in the process resulting in the decolorization of melanin. Permanent Hair Color for Medium Hairstyles Gallery