Medium Length Hair Colors

Medium length hair colors are various and change from one to another. Women and girls usually look for the perfect color for their shoulder length hair. Here are the types of the colors and medium length hair colors.

Medium Length Hair Colors

Permanent Hair Color: This type of color penetrates the hair shaft and stays with you until it grows out or is chopped.

Semi-permanent Hair Color: The color washes out within about six weeks or after some shampoo sessions.

Highlights : Highlights were one of the first innovations in hair coloring. Highlights brighten and add shine to your hair. Look best in dazzling shades of gold, honey, amber, and reds.

Veiling : Brightens and enhances old flat hair color by applying a semi-permanent glaze in a richer tone over a permanent shade.

Twilighting : This technique is great for enhancing the look of lighter colored hair to show through darker shades. It tones down the brighter colors by adding a few darker hues.

Lowlights : this gives depth to hair color. They tend to moderate the look of over lightened hair.

Chunking : This is a great mix n match technique for those who wish to flaunt a vivacious crown. It involves coloring random sections of hair with new color. It gives a dramatic look to your head and is done with shocking colors such as hot, pink, turquoise etc.

Side Effects of Hair Coloring

Exposure of hair to chemicals such as lead, peroxide, ammonia and kojic acid make it dry and brittle. If these chemicals are used frequently permanent damage of the hair may also occur. Chemicals can also cause allergic reactions and burning sensation. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a good brand for coloring your tresses.

You can color your hair at home or hit the salon for getting it professionally treated. In case of experiencing any tingling sensation, itchiness or burn discontinue the process immediately.

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