Medium Length Hair Coloring

Medium length hair coloring is a great way to experiment with your locks and enhance your looks. Hair is all about looking cool and feeling confident. Hair is a vital beauty asset that can be tamed in a number of ways— you can color your locks, perm the, blow them, straighten them or highlight them. Almost sixty per cent of out looks are attributed to our hairstyle. It is essential to color your hair after much thought as hair color can enrich or destroy your looks.

Medium length hair coloring is governed by a pigment called melanin. The number and shape of the melanin granules in the cortex determine the color of an individual’s hair. Blondes have a smaller amount of melanin as compared with darker haired individuals. Melanin production lessens with age and the hair tends to become colorless or grey.

The History of Hair Color

The first hair color was used by the early Egyptians. Henna was used to get red hues, Chamomile to get Blonde hues and Sage to get brown hues. In the 16 th century red hair became popular as Queen Elizabeth’s hair was red. Paraphenlylenediame was invented in the 1800s. It was a chemical base for hair color containing metallic salts of copper, lead, silver and other metals with a weak acid. It became popular among actresses to color their hair. By the mid-twentieth century even common women began experimenting with hair color.

Medium length how to hair coloring 

The Basics of Hair Coloring

Hair color is the outcome of a series of chemical reactions between the molecules in hair and pigments. Choosing a specific color speaks volumes about your personality and who you would like to be associated with.

There was a time when the choices of hair color were limited to blonde, red, brunette and black. Nowadays, you can get the desired color and shade of your choice. Hair color can transform you in little time. It can enhance your features and add feathers to your looks. A number of individuals even go to the extent to experimenting with wild colors such as hot pink, turquoise, peacock blue and fluorescent shades.

It is essential for you to consult a professional hair expert in order to determine what color would suit your skin tone and hair best. It is unadvisable for you to go ahead with coloring your hair just because a particular shade looked good on someone else. The best way is to consider the results you desire from your hair color. Your choices are likely to vary if you are coloring your hair to cover the grays, or are looking to style your locks in a fashionable manner. In order to get the desired effect, you must know what you want and then go in for getting your locks colored.

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