Medium Hair Shampooing Tips for Women

is one of the most essential components of any hair style care regime. It helps clean the hair of any dirt, grime or pollution. It also helps get rid of the residue left behind by excessive use of gels, hair sprays, mousse, serums and colorants. Regular shampooing keeps the scalp clean and helps nourish the hair. Washing your hair with an adequate shampoo is essential for all types of hair irrespective of the hair texture and cut.

Medium hair shampooing protects the hair from the damaging affects of the sun and exposure to excess heat. A good shampoo does not interfere with the scalp’s natural oil secretion. It cannot repair or damage the process of over active oil glands. Washing the hair with an appropriate shampoo does not make it dry or brittle. One of the best ways of deciding which shampoo is best suited for your hair you must try out a couple of samples. The ideal shampoo will not dry your hair nor will it stimulate a greasy scalp.

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Which Shampoo Is Great for Medium Hair Shampooing?

A shampoo containing lecithin is great for dry hair.

  • Oily hair can benefit from a shampoo containing a sulfur, lime or cedar base.
  • Undernourished hair benefits from a good protein based shampoo.

One of the best ways to wash your hair is by finding two different types of shampoos and conditioners and alternating them every fortnight. This helps keep your hair lush and alive.

Avoid using soap for washing the hair as it tends to leave a dull film on the shaft which cannot be removed even by washing the hair with the softest water.

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