How To Use Rollers for Medium Length Hair?

How to use rollers for medium length hair? It’s important to have stylish, trendy and beautiful hair for women and girls. We wrote how to use the rollers and tips for you. Read the suggestions and have a trendy medium length hair this season.

How to use rollers

  • First one should wash their hair and then separate them into sections using a wide comb.
  • After sectioning the hair spray the base of each section of hair before inserting the roller.
  • When the hair becomes damp pile the heated rollers on top of the head and use clippers to secure the rollers.
  • After the rollers are secured neatly apply heat for a few minutes after which one should allow the rollers to cool.
  • Lastly gently run the fingers through the hair and shake out the curls and finish with a blast of hair spray to keep the waves shiny and sexy.

How To Use Rollers for Medium Length Hair?


  • The curls should never look crisp.
  • One should not put too much hair in one roller.
  • One should always use styling products so that curls are nice and smooth.
  • Make sure one chooses a hydrating shampoo as it puts moisture back into the curls making them soft and manageable.
  • The curls should never be washed every day.
  • One should never brush the curls or leave them to hang naturally. Also make sure that one should touch them as little as possible.

Rollers are a great way to achieve beautiful curls. Curls are in fashion these days and using rollers is the easiest method to do so. Rollers as a hairstyling tool is something very important and one should always keep a set of rollers handy at home to fashion those beautiful curls whenever one wants to.

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