How to Make Beautiful Decorated Braids for Medium Hair

Beautiful decorated braids for medium hair is time-consuming, even if the person doing the braids is an expert. But there are steps that make it easier and with these steps, you can learn how to make beautifully decorated braids for medium hair.

Here are the steps to make beautiful decorated braids for medium hair:

  • Separate hair from the center.
  • Brush properly and remove the tangles.
  • Take a section of hair, ensure it is big enough to divide it into three strands.
  • Brush the section again.
  • Start braiding. Cross over the right section. Take one section in the middle. So the original right section becomes the middle section. Then cross over the left section in the middle so the original left section becomes the middle section.
  • Continue to braid from the roots to the ends.
  • Once you finish braiding cover the braids with a band to make them stay in place. For the decorated part, add some thin gold ribbon to the ends.
  • Make similar braids like this all over the head.


For easier braiding and better braids, just follow the following hair care tips which will make your hair healthy, to have beautiful decorated braids for medium hair.

  • Wet the hair a little bit before braiding for a better result.
  • Make sure to brush the hair nicely first, so there should be no tangles.
  • Do not make very tight braids. Because it has been proved that popular modern hairstyles which include tight braids can lead to permanent bald patches. If the braids are too tight, they will pull the hair away from the scalp, and hence your hair will either become weak or you will have hair loss.
  • Do not comb wet hair. First, dry out and then remove the tangles.
  • Never use a hard brush. Your brush should have correctly spaced bristles.
  • Never twist or tug at your hair unnecessarily.
  • Always brush your hair with before going to bed every night.
  • Always make sure that your hair is trimmed regularly. Avoid using hair sprays on a daily basis.

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