How To Get Rid Of Hair Loss and Dandruff for Medium Hairstyles

How to get rid of hair loss and dandruff for medium hairstyles? In this article, you’ll find beneficial tips about them which are the big problems for women with medium hairstyles.

Hair loss due to dandruff accompanied with infection is fairly common. Dandruff appears in the form of scales of skin that fall from the scalp. Dry flakes cover the scalp in small patches at first and then involve the entire scalp surface, manifesting as fine powdery scales covering the head. The oily type of dandruff manifests itself as an accumulation of thick crust. Dandruff can spread beyond the scalp to the forehead, ears, neck, face etc. causing skin irritation and itching. It is caused due to an increased secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. This may be a familial trait. Increased oil secretion and perspiration on the scalp worsens the condition. In fact, for some individuals, dandruff is an emotional barometer. If you have excessive dandruff you must avoid the intake of a high-fat diet comprising of butter, cream, cheese, chocolates etc.

A Clean Scalp Leaves No Scope For Dandruff

Shampooing at least once a week and keeping the scalp clean is one of the best ways to get rid of dandruff. Shampoos containing selenium sulfide, resorcin, zinc, and propionate are excellent. In severe cases, where bacterial infection is prominent, steroids combined with anti-bacterial preparations are helpful. Vitamin B and Vitamin B12 should also be included in the diet. Since dandruff occurs due to increased secretion of oil on the scalp, this can be neutralized by using lemon, curd, buttermilk, and other traditional beauty aids. Ozone treatment is also one of the most effective techniques of getting rid of dandruff which focuses on the application of high-frequency ozone rays to the scalp. The heat radiated by the rays has a germicidal effect on the scalp. However, excess heat may prove harmful leading to hair loss.

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