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Hair Problems of Medium Hair Styles

Medium length hair coloring is a great way to experiment with your locks and enhance your looks. Hair is all about looking cool and feeling confident.

Hair problems of medium hair styles can be various. But they are not unsolvable. Hair is the crowning glory of person. It is a valuable beauty asset that is a prominent feature of an individual’s personality. It is considered to be the mirror of your health and is an indicator of beauty and well being. Generally, the distribution of the growth of hair in men and women is under genetic and hormonal control. Scalp infections and reactions to drugs or radiation, exposure to excessive heat, chemicals and the use of mechanical devices leads to a number of hair problems.  Here are the main hair problems of medium hair styles: Dandruff: Hair loss due to dandruff is accompanied by infection. Dandruff appears in the form of skin that falls from the scalp. Dry flakes cover the scalp in small patches and then spread to the entire scalp surface. The oily type of dandruff manifests itself as an accumulation of thick crust. This can spread beyond the scalp to the forehead, ears, neck and face causing skin irritation and itching. This condition is caused due to an increased secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. This can also be a hereditary trait. Lice and nits: Hair lice and nymphs also lead to severe hair loss and are a common hair problem. Lice breed on dry scalp especially during the rainy season in the presence of oil, water, dust, dirt and perspiration. Lice and nits can also thrive in excessive humidity. These parasites suck the blood from the scalp and attach their eggs to the hair. Application of special preparations on the scalp containing mercaptan or sulfur compounds help in treating this condition. Dry damaged hair: This is one of the most common hair problems faced by a number of individuals. It is the outcome of exposing the hair to chlorinated water, blow dryers, excessive heat due to radiation, sunlight, regular hair straightening, perming, coloring etc. Permanent hair color contains ammonium peroxide and changes the natural texture of the hair making it brittle and dry. These colorants may also be mutagenic in nature. A number of ammonia based colorants contain nickel, cobalt, chromium and lead which are harmful chemicals and may result in stealing the luster and softness of hair. Hair Problems of Medium Hair Styles Gallery