Hair Care During Winter for Medium Styles

Hair care during winter for medium styles is important for healthy hair. Winter is finally here! It’s time to party after a long stressful year….Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day…and the list goes on. Intensive hair treatment is the secret of lush hair and you can bid farewell to winter hair blues by following some trendy tips for hair care during winter for medium styles. The chilly season is accompanied by a number of hair problems ranging from dry, brittle hair to lank, lifeless locks susceptible to temperature variations.

The arrival of cold months, followed by a decrease in sunshine brings in an array of hair care demands. This makes it important to moisturize your locks in order to restore its suppleness and vitality. Proper hair care is important during the winter months as the hair tends to dry out looking unattractive and coarse. Nobody wishes to end up at a party sporting a bird nest on the head!

Temperature Variation:

One of the primary factors that affect hair is temperature variation… The cold, chilly weather outdoors and central heating indoors is one of the biggest culprits responsible for hair damage. Lack of sunlight too, causes the hair to lose its natural sheen and gloss, giving it a brittle appearance.

Winter Accessories:

Scarves, turtlenecks, caps and woolens tend to cause hair breakage. Always wrap a silken scarf before covering your head with any winter accessory.

Get a Good Trim:

The onset of winter is a great time for you to make a trip to your favorite hair salon. Getting a good trim helps combat the problem of split ands and gives your hair a good bounce and vitality.

Oil Massage:

This is the magic mantra for maintaining soft, shiny locks during the harsh winter months. A warm oil massage with oil can work wonders for your mane. It helps prevent split ends and restores the moisture balance of your hair. You can select from a wide range of oils such as hibiscus oil, aloe oil, olive oil or almond oil to massage your hair. This also reduces stress and improves the blood circulation of the scalp.

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