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Elegant Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Here are the most popular elegant hairtstyles for medium length hairstyles.

Elegant hairstyles for medium length hair are one of the most popular styles that women look for. Long hair that's left down can also be a very elegant option for special occasions. The two best looks for long hair are long, loose curls and sleek, pin-straight hair. For long loose curls, one can use hot rollers or curling iron. Another popular elegant hairstyle for long hair is curling just the ends in order to draw attention to your neckline and shoulders along with a formal dress. The ‘Juliet’: The ‘Juliet’ is a great romantic and elegant hairstyle if one wants to leave their hair open. For this hairstyle, one can take sections of hair from both sides just above the ear. Then after combing the parted hair straight back, one can weave it into a braid and keep it as long as one wants it to be. The Topknot: To create this hairstyle one can part the hair from side-to-side, just above the ears and then comb all the hair above the part straight back and make a bun. One can secure the bun with the help of two hair sticks, depending on the size of the finished bun. One can also add variations in this look by braiding the hair before coiling it into a bun. The Edwardian: To create this elegant hairstyle one can pick up a section of their hair at the top and twist it towards the head. Keep adding sections of hair as you move toward the back of your head twisting it as you go down. The twisted pair can be clipped with a clip and the same process is repeated on the other side. Once both sides are twisted, one can secure all their hair in a barrette or ponytail holder sections. Whatever the occasion may be, having the right elegant hairstyles for medium length hair that matches your apparel and makes up can really make you turn heads. Everyone wants to look their best on special occasions and an elegant hairdo can add a great deal of oomph to your overall personality. The right hairstyle can help you highlight your best features while overshadowing the not so appealing ones. So, if you have parties to attend you know what hairstyle you can wear to attract all the attention. Elegant Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair Gallery