Effective Ways to Combat Medium Hair Problems

Effective ways to combat medium hair problems are searched by women or girls with medium length hair. Sometimes women and girls have hair problems and these problems can come up by different reasons.

Hair loss or Alopecia is a common hair problem that can arise due to hereditary factors as well as external factors such as medication, radiation, drug reaction etc. Heredity plays a big role in the growth of hair. Hormones do affect hair growth. For instance, hormonal changes during pregnancy result in the retention of an increased number of scalp hairs in the anagen phase causing the hair to grow luxuriously. However, three or four months after pregnancy there is apparent hair loss, due to the normal component of resting hair getting lost. The thyroid hormone also plays an important part in hair growth. Too much thyroid hormone makes the hair grow profusely whereas too less makes is lusterless and leads to hair fall.

Effective Ways to Combat Medium Hair Problems 2018

Effective ways to combat medium hair problems:

Never blow dry the hair completely dry. Always leave moisture and let the hair dry on its own.

  • Use a thermal protector when exposing the hair to heat. Such as while blow drying, perming, straightening etc.
  • Use a low ammonia hair color or one which does not have ammonia in it.
  • Avoid using a neutralizer while perming. Prefer air oxidization of the perms.
  • Avoid brushing wet or damp hair.
  • Always remember to clean your hair after a swim.
  • Eat a well balanced and nutritious diet rich in proteins such as eggs, chicken, fish, liver, nuts, green leafy vegetables, coconut, carrots, milk etc.
  • Add vitamin A, B, C, D and E supplements along with cod liver oil to your diet.

By combating the various hair problems you can have beautiful hair. The key is to go low on chemicals, take a well balanced diet, adequate amount of rest and stick to a hair care program on regular basis.

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