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Classification of Medium Hair Types

Classification of medium hair types are as following: Dry, normal, greasy and combination hair. Normal Hair: This type of hair has a healthy natural bounce and sheen. It is neither dry nor greasy and is easily manageable.   Dry Hair: This type of hair is usually caused by external factors such as perming, exposure to excess heat, bleaching, coloring, use of strong shampoos, frequent washing and faulty diet in 2018. Dry hair invariably has split ends and is always coarse in texture. It needs frequent deep conditioning treatment, oiling etc. Oil treatment of the scalp using almond, olive or coconut oil improves the condition of dry and brittle hair. Protein-rinse is also a great way of tackling this problem. Proper grooming is the first step to fighting dry hair. A hair cut removes split ends and adds a new bounce to the dull hair. While washing dry hair, shampoo the roots and deep condition it. The underlying causes for this type of hair are exposure to the sun, chlorine, salt water, heat styling, over shampooing etc. Use a conditioner with an SPF of at least 15 or wear a cap when stepping out in the sun. Drink plenty of water and take a balanced diet comprising of an adequate amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Also add a vitamin or mineral supplement to your diet such as vitamin A, C, E and calcium.   Greasy Hair: This type of hair is usually caused by hormonal imbalances during adolescence or menopause in 2018. Environmental conditions such as weather and humidity also contribute to this problem. This kind of hair looks dull, lank and cannot be styled easily. It requires frequent shampooing with a mild shampoo. The ends of the hair require conditioning once a week. Do not use too much of conditioner and avoid using shampoos formulated for oily hair. Never use hot water to wet your hair as the hair shafts are susceptible to extreme heat that is likely to damage the hair. During teenage, the hormones naturally cause the scalp to become oily. This can be controlled by drinking more water, taking more fruits and vegetables and consuming less alcoholic beverages. This reduces the amount of sebum produced by the scalp and prevents oil secretion. Combination hair: This type of hair is extremely greasy at the scalp and has dry split ends. This condition may be remedied by applying more conditioner at the ends of the hair. It is essential for you to avoid eating fried or spicy food stuffs along with chocolates and sweets. Do not use too much shampoo to wash your hair and never apply it directly to the tips. Never overclean the ends of your hair and be extremely careful while handling them. Hair makes up for almost 60 percent of your looks and it is essential to take proper care of it. You can change the texture of your hair, style it and use appropriate products to enhance it once you have identified your hair type. However, if you are facing any problems such as excessive hair loss or itchy sensation on the scalp, it is recommended that you take expert advice from a dermatologist without any delay. Classification of Medium Hair Types Gallery