Choosing the Right Brush for Medium Hairstyles

Choosing the right brush for medium hairstyles is important to have a healthy and stylish hair. Here are the types of brushes and tips to choose the right brush. Brushes are hairstyling tools that are made of bristles, which may be natural hog bristle, plastic, nylon or wire. The bristles of a brush are embedded in a wooden, plastic or molded rubber base and set in tuffs and rows. This allows loose hair to collect in the grooves without interfering with the action of the bristles. The spacing of the tuffs plays an important role as the wider is the spacing between them the easier it is for the bristles of the brush to flow through the hair.

Brushes help in removing tangles and knots and help in making the hair smooth. The action of brushing from the roots to the ends helps in removing dead cells and dirt. Brushing also helps in stimulating the blood supply to the hair follicles which promotes healthy growth of hair.

There are thousands of hairstyles you can pick and choose from depending upon the occasion and your personality. You need to make sure that your hairstyle is appropriate as per your facial cut, hair texture, and hair length. By being a little more innovative, you can wear your tresses in a number of ways and look extremely stylish. There are many types of brushes that hair stylists use to change one’s hair and style it in all kinds of appealing styles.

The Types of Brushes for Medium Hairstyle

Vent brushes: Vent brush is the simplest of all. A vent brush has hollow centers that allow the airflow from the dryer to pass through the hair. This brush is used to give simple effects to various types of hairstyles. This brush helps in giving one’s hair height and volume as well as some direction.

Cushion hair brushes: These hair brushes are very simple to use and are popular with men. They have a soft cushion base with bristles on one side. If one has short to medium length hair which is not too thick or dense then one can use this brush to smoothen the hair, without giving it too much volume.

Round hairbrushes: These hair brushes are not just for creating curls but they also help in achieving maximum height. If your hair naturally has a wave then the densely packed bristles of a round brush are great for smoothing and straightening your hair. The size of the round brush you need depends on the length of your hair and the effect you wants.

Paddle hairbrush: The paddle hair brush is larger and flatter than the cushion brush. One can use this brush if one’s hair is long. After using a round brush to straighten wavy hair one can use this type of brush to finish off the hairstyle. This type of brush does not create volume if one sweeps the brush down the length of the hair with a paddle type motion.

Brushes are available in a wide variety. Using the right hair brush makes a person’s beautiful tresses look long, healthy and beautiful. All one needs is to find the right brush that not only suits one’s hair texture but also gives the hair the right volume to make the tresses dazzle and shine with style.

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