Choosing the Perm Rod for Medium Length Hair

Choosing the perm rod for medium length hair is dependent upon the kind of perm that is desired. To get a wave perm, straight or cylindrical rods are used for wrapping the hair. In order to get a tighter perm, a smaller perm rod is requires. A large perm rod enables you to get a body wave look. However, this can result in the formation of weak curls.

Perming Solutions

Hair perming can also be done with acid or alkaline base perming solutions that are measured by the pH level of the acid.

Alkaline Hair Perms: This works best for resistant hair. It is also great for hair with low level of elasticity. It is hard to perm fine hair as well as normal hair by using this base.

Acidic Hair Perms : These are milder than alkaline perms and work at a lower pH to reduce swelling of the hair during the perm process. They reduce the chance of damaging fragile and color treated hair. It is a great choice for healthy hair that has good elasticity, colored hair, highlighted or brittle hair.

Hair perming can be done for long or short tresses and is popular among individuals of all age groups. It is not recommended for children. Perming adds volume to the hair making it look thicker and more elegant. It is essential for you to go over the various perming options with a hair care professional in order to get the desired effect.

Tips for Perming at Home

  • First and foremost, the hair has to be washed and conditioned properly. Hair that has already been exposed to chemicals may need a cream conditioner to protect it before perming.
  • It is advised to use protective gloves while applying chemicals.
  • When wrapping hair around rollers, each section must be wrapped smoothly and evenly. Keep in mind to not stretch the hair too tightly.
  • Do not use perms if you are allergic to any ingredient in the product. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, and mouth.

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